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Clean Up with the Car Wash Business.

The professional car wash business is booming. Historically, despite economic downturns, the car wash business thrives and even continues to grow, making it an excellent opportunity for investors. What's the secret to building a successful car wash business? You could spend considerable time conducting research and still risk your investment attempting to learn by trial and error. Pro-Tech Service Company, LLC offers a proven business model backed by years of experience in every aspect of the automated car wash business.

We've Done the Dirty Work for You.

Our business is to help people realize the dream of owning an automated car wash business. We started Pro-Tech Service Company by repairing the equipment of every car wash manufacturer out there. We know exactly which equipment is reliable...and we help you steer clear of equipment that is not. We serve as your mentors every step of the way, from helping you select the most promising real estate and giving you an understanding of the mechanical aspects of the business to providing you with the services and supplies that help you operate your business.

Clean and Green for over 40 Years.

Being a green investment opportunity is nothing new for the automated car wash industry. Washing a car automatically, rather than in a home driveway, saves about 60 gallons of water! In fact, automated car washing is currently being mandated by some U.S. cities in order to conserve water as over 80% of professional car wash water is recycled. Our soaps and waxes are biodegradable. The Texas Water Commission promotes automated car washing to prevent toxins from entering storm sewer systems and ultimately our water sources. So you now have the opportunity to own a business that is clean - as well as green - and growing in demand. Pro-Tech Service Company can show you how.

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