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Success Stories

Pro-Tech has helped many entrepreneurs get their start in the car wash business. We continue to help them build their businesses and provide service and support for successful operations all across the south. Here are just a couple of their success stories.

All American Express Car Wash

All American Car Wash Larry Ayres of All American Car Wash recently decided to convert a full service wash into a "next generation" $3 Express Wash in Wichita Falls, TX. Pro-Tech Service Company helped him successfully turn an outdated facility into an economical, fast, efficient operation with all the latest technologies. View the video on the right to learn all about the renovation.

AutoSplash Car Care Center

Lance Tyler Lance Tyler and his three partners own AutoSplash Car Care Center, a business that combines flex-serve car washing, detailing, quick-lube service and emissions testing. Tyler says car washing is the perfect business. Not only did he want to work in the service industry, but he wanted a cash business that would help service the debt on property. AutoSplash purchased a complete tunnel system through Ralph Nasca of Pro-Tech Service Company, Lewisville, TX.

Jerry's Express Car Wash

Miller Express Jerry and Jan Miller could see that the car wash industry would be a great investment, but had no idea how to get started. They knew that their mistakes would be costly and joined with Pro-Tech Service Company to help build their business. From their first conveyorized car wash to now owning four, the Millers proclaim that their success comes from Pro-Tech's efforts in teaching them the car wash business. And their involvement and passion didn't stop there. Jerry Miller is now the upcoming President of the International Car Wash Association.

In 'n' Out Wash

In 'N' Out Wash Situated in a largely Latino community, Nick Rizo opened the In 'N' Out Wash with an impressive array of 15 self-service wand bays, one automatic wash and 32 vacuums. Rizo's project was an important part of the revitalization efforts in the area and Dallas city officials have welcomed the many services offered by the In 'N' Out Wash. Nick was and continues to be very pleased with the on-site training, service and implementation of his project by Pro-Tech Service Company.