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Pro-Tech Service Company, LLC

We've Polished Our Services to Put You in Business.

Pro-Tech Service Company is North Texas's #1 Source for Professional Car Washing.

We've polished a package of services to help you succeed. Let us help you determine which car wash type is the right investment for you.


Pro-Tech Service Company, LLC Full Service Car Wash

Staffed car wash offering services including exterior car washing, towel dry, waxing, interior detailing, lube checks and oil changes.

Pro-Tech Service Company, LLC Express Exterior

Usually operates with an unmanned pay point, express exterior car washing allows customer to stay in the vehicle while being conveyorized through an automatic system. Market priced with coin-operated vacuum and towel dry. Below market priced with free self-serve vacuums.

Pro-Tech Service Company, LLC Flex Washing

This is a combination of Full Service and Express Exterior Car Washing. The consumer is given a menu of options from which to choose with different price points for each package. Generally there is a free vacuum area for those not selecting the Full Service package. Sometimes operated in conjunction with a quick lube center.


Pro-Tech Service Company, LLC Coin Operated

Customer operated with high pressure gun and foaming brush.

Pro-Tech Service Company, LLC In Bay Car Washing

Unmanned point of sale or code driven car wash allows customer to stay in vehicle while a machine rolls back and forth over vehicle and provides either friction (brushes) or High Pressure Automatic wash (touchless).

Fleet Service

Pro-Tech Service Company, LLC Fleet Washing for Cars

For the many reasons your company has a fleet of cars, clean cars make the difference for a company image. Pro-Tech can help design and install systems to minimize cost and maximize efficiencies to become more profitable in fleet operations. Commonly used at car dealerships, rental agencies and auto auctions.

Pro-Tech Service Company, LLC Fleet Washing for Large Vehicles

Large vehicles such as buses, trucks, trains, or city owned vehicles all need to be clean to project the right image. Pro-Tech can cut your costs by installing an on-site efficient system for your operation.